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Corporate Governance Consulting
Private Capital and Canadian Exempt Market Securities Law

Whether you're a issuer, dealer, portfolio manager or investment fund manager, we can help you navigate the requirements of the Securities Act, including:

  • Prospectus exemptions

  • Offering memorandum and information memorandum preparation

  • Dealer, Portfolio Manager and Fund Manager registration requirements

  • Equity offerings

  • Debenture and debt note offerings

Corporate governance structures aren't just for big companies.  They are the backbone of every company's internal operations and are fundamental for attracting key talent, financing and capital investment.  We can help you establish a strong corporate foundation, including:

  • Preparation and amendment of corporate documents, including articles of incorporation and bylaws

  • Unanimous Shareholders' Agreements

  • Corporate organization and internal reporting structures

  • Director's and officer's liability

Legal and regulatory requirements aren't just roadblocks that need to be overcome; they're part of the business landscape that you encounter every day.  Failure to be aware of and comply with many of these rules can result in significant fines and penalties.  Strong policies and procedures help ensure that your team operates within the law, giving senior management and executives more time to focus on growth instead of daily operations.

  • Privacy laws and regulations

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and FINTRAC regulations

  • Securities regulation

  • Canadian Anti-Spam Laws, Do-Not-Call Lists and other marketing rules

  • Employment regulation


The negotiated outcome of important business transactions can be one of the most important drivers of success; however most negotiations are won or lost before they've even begun.  Sometimes, parties even find themselves back at the negotiation table because key terms were overlooked or ignored.  We can help you get the most out of every transaction by assisting with:

  • Developing a negotiation strategy

  • Identifying each party's likely needs and wants from a transaction

  • Actively participating in the negotiation to help achieve your objectives and preserve the relationship going forward

  • Ensuring negotiated outcomes are accurately and fully documented in an agreement

Regulatory Policy and Process Construction for Businesses
Negotiation and Transaction Strategy

Legal Services


Independent general counsel engagements aren't viable options for all businesses - but that doesn't mean your company won't need legal guidance from time to time.  Getting legal and business advice from your lawyer shouldn't be about problems, it should be about solutions.  We're pleased to help build solutions for our entrepreneurial clients and help them use legal advice as a vital part of the road to success instead of a pit stop along the way.

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